Utility Bill Walk-through

As a Northern Power & Light customer, the "Amount Due" on your National Grid bill is probably a lot lower than usual, and might even reflect a negative amount. Here's how it works:

Electricity produced for you by the facility you sign up with will be deducted from your National Grid bill. This appears as a "Transfer Credit" in your billing detail, as shown below.

Northern Power & Light will bill you directly for this electricity at no change in cost.

Amount Due:
It is important to continue to pay any remaining balance on your National Grid bill.

Is your Amount Due negative?

Sometimes your producer generates more electricity than you need in a given month. This creates a credit on your National Grid account. NP&L will not charge you for the extra electricity until the credit is applied on a future bill.

Transfer Credit
The electricity you receive from your local producer is deducted from your bill. This line item appears in the Detail of Current Charges at the end of your bill, and is referred to as a "Transfer Credit."

Your Northern Power & Light bill will typically be for the same amount as the Transfer Credit.

If the Transfer Credit exceeds the charges on your utility bill, Northern Power & Light will bill only for the portion of the Transfer Credit applied to this month’s charges.