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Pictured: Northern Power & Light producers Everett Smith and Matt Foley, standing outside of the Azure Mountain Power Hydro Station in St. Regis Falls

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We began Northern Power & Light in order to provide electricity from our family’s small hydro business directly to our friends and neighbors through New York's Community Renewables program, and we've been growing ever since.

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How it works

What does it mean to get electricity from a local renewable power producer?

Similar to having a share in a farm, each month you get a portion of the harvest.

During months of peak power production - Spring for hydro, Summer for solar - your local producer will accommodate most, if not all of your needs.

In the off-season, when output is lower, you'll still enjoy the same reliable service through the utility.

In other words, you'll support the benefits of local renewable energy at no change in cost, and still receive the same reliable service. Sign up in minutes online.

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Supporting local businesses and preserving existing renewable energy sources in the region… will help build a more resilient electric grid and local economy

- Kate Glenn
  Sustainability Coordinator, Paul Smith's College

Meet Our Customers!
Locally Powered: The Campus at Paul Smith's College


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Sustainability, Squared

Directly support renewable energy and local businesses at the same time.

Single Origin

Transparency when it comes to where and how the electricity you're buying is being made

The Power of Local

Local electricity means a more resilient, independent, and efficient grid system for our community


Two Bills Are Better Than One

As a Northern Power & Light customer, your monthly electric expense will remain exactly the same, but it will be split into two bills.

You'll receive your Northern Power & Light bill for local power, and you'll continue to receive a bill from National Grid for the balance of your energy needs.

Two bills means you know exactly where your dollar is going, and with our secure auto-pay option, it's an easy way to support renewable energy, made here.

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We are very excited to work with Northern Power & Light and be able to offer local electricity directly to local residents

- Erik Bergman
  Operations Manager, Boralex Hydro

Meet Local Producers!
Sissonville Hydro on the Raquette River, Potsdam, NY