Community Distributed Generation

NP&L has taken a proven concept – the power of buying local – and made it possible for homes and businesses to support small, renewable generators in their own communities. We do it by using a program called “Community Distributed Generation” (CDG) to give local electricity users a share in the production of a local renewable generator. Here is how it works:

  1. We allocate a share of the production of one of our generator partners directly to your utility account. The size of your share is determined by your energy needs.

  2. Each month, the utility credits your bill for the value of the power your share produced in that month. This reduces the amount you owe to the utility.

  3. After you receive your utility bill, we process a payment from you for the same amount. Your payment will equal the credits you already received on your utility bill.

  4. Any excess credit is banked on your utility account, and applied to bills in subsequent months.

NP&L is not a typical “energy services company” (ESCO), and we do not sell electricity supply in the way that most companies who promise low prices or renewable power do. Unlike most “green power” options, with NP&L you know exactly where your dollar goes and what impact it has on your community.

Still have more questions? Call us at 518.293.4075 and we’ll be happy to answer. Or, visit our FAQ page.