A Farm to Table Solution

Local producers of renewable electricity struggle to compete with companies producing energy from fuels mined across the country and around the world. Local customers don't know where their energy is really coming from or where their dollar is actually going.

Taking a cue from our Farmers' Markets and CSAs, Northern Power & Light has created a platform where local producers can sell electricity directly to customers; producers retain more of the value for the electricity they make, and customers enjoy a direct connection to sustainable energy, and at no additional cost.

How it Works


Your producer generates your electricity

Utility Bill

The utility credits your regular electric bill


You pay your producer directly

Main Street

Local Matters

Local power often means supporting local business and the local economy. It means you can feel good knowing where your power comes from and the stories behind the people producing it.

Sourcing your power locally also means less waste. An important part of meeting New York’s sustainability goals is becoming more reliant on smaller producers that distribute power locally, instead of a few large facilities that ship power inefficiently across the state and across the country.

Taking the Power Back

Consumers who want to use their dollars to advocate for renewable energy and to support small business have a hard time knowing who to trust or understanding where those energy dollars are actually going.

Northern Power & Light customers subscribe to a share of the electricity produced by a specific facility every month, and pay that facility directly.


Our Model/Our Mission

Our model champions renewable enterprises of all stripes, from tinkerers to entrepreneurs, from solar developers to legacy renewables. Our mission is a marketplace where these producers innovate and thrive, and where customers, empowered by a direct relationship to these resources, choose their own sustainable energy future.

Who We Are
The first thing we can do to support the local economy and local jobs is to buy from local businesses whenever possible. It's great that we can now do that with electricity, and with no change in cost.

-Melinda Little, Village Mercantile Saranac Lake NY

We are very excited to work with Northern Power & Light and be able to offer local electricity directly to local residents.

-Erik Bergman, Operations Manager Boralex Hydro

Energy can be a highly politicized issue... This kind of local producer crosses political boundaries for so many different reasons.

-Sunita Halasz, Saranac Lake NY

There’s no change in the cost of electricity, and there’s peace of mind in knowing that it’s clean energy. That’s the driving point.

-Peter Henry, Rainbow Lake NY

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