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We believe renewable electricity produced right here in the North Country should be available to local businesses and residents like you. Buy local, be sustainable, we’ve got you covered.

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Buy Local

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The first thing we can do to support the local economy and local jobs is to buy from local businesses whenever possible. It's great that we can now do that with electricity, and with no change in cost.

-Melinda Little, Village Mercantile Saranac Lake NY

We are very excited to work with Northern Power & Light and be able to offer local electricity directly to local residents.

-Erik Bergman, Operations Manager Boralex Hydro

Energy can be a highly politicized issue... This kind of local producer crosses political boundaries for so many different reasons.

-Sunita Halasz, Saranac Lake NY

There’s no change in the cost of electricity, and there’s peace of mind in knowing that it’s clean energy. That’s the driving point.

-Peter Henry, Rainbow Lake NY

NP&L Proudly Serves:

Potsdam Co-op
Potsdam Co-op
Moonstone Farm
Reuben Smith's Tumble Home Boat Shop
Mapleview Dairy
Northern New York Library Network
Adirondack Research
The Village Mercantile Saranac Lake
Bluseed Studios
ADK Riverside Tavern