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Harry Gordon, founder of Gordon + Gordon Architecture

The architecture firm Gordon + Gorden is based here in Saranac Lake and specializes in sustainable, eco-friendly building design and construction. We caught up with founder Harry Gordon to learn more about the builder's philosophy and what motivated him to become a Northern Power & Light customer.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

A. I am an architect in Saranac Lake and have been practicing for almost 50 years throughout the US and internationally. Gordon + Gordon Architecture’s clients want their buildings to use energy efficiently and to reduce the impact on climate. Many of our projects are LEED-certified and all of them are designed to use resources wisely and to create healthy spaces for people.

Harry and Caitlin Gordon of Gordon + Gordon Architecture

Q. Why do you choose to power your business with renewable energy?

A. My wife and I each own separate businesses that are located in a building that we designed to use 40 percent less energy than the building code requirements and that uses no fossil fuels. We use passive solar for heating and cooling, plus a very efficient wood stove. Much of the wood comes directly from our land.

We wanted to reduce the climate impact of the electricity we use. Since we live in the woods, photovoltaic electricity was not an option. We are very pleased to now get most of our electricity from renewable hydro supplied by Northern Power & Light.

Q. What does growing the availability of renewable energy do to support northern New York?

A. Those of us who live in the North Country see the beauty of nature every day. Naturally we want to preserve it for our children and future generations. Reducing energy requirements and green house gasses from fossil fuels is a key first step. Getting most of our energy from renewable solar, hydro, and wood that are generated locally preserves natural resources and reduces our impact on climate change.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to add?

A. As the owners of small businesses, my wife and I are very pleased to support locally owned and operated Northern Power & Light. We believe we all should work together to create local jobs that people are proud to have and that grow our economy.