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Adirondack Research on why they chose Northern Power & Light

Ethan Smith

As director and owner of Adirondack Research, a Saranac Lake-based ecological consulting firm, Ezra Schwartzberg is well aware: It's as important to protect our environment as it is to nurture the local economy. That's a big reason why he's chosen NP&L to satisfy his company's electricity needs. 

Adirondack Research
The team at Adirondack Research
Ezra Schwartzberg
Adirondack Research Founder Ezra Schwartzberg

"Adirondack Research focuses on protecting ecosystems from invasive species through on the ground surveys and regional mapping efforts. Climate change affects where invasive species are occurring as well as their impact on fragile ecosystems. Science has been telling us for years that we must transition to renewable energy sources if we wish to tackle climate change head on. As the director and owner of Adirondack Research I feel that using renewable resources to power our business only makes sense. Additionally, by doing so we are supporting a local business. So in essence, we are contributing to diverse ecosystems and diverse local communities at the same time."