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Northern Power & Light was founded by North Country natives with roots in hydropower, small business, and community supported agriculture.

We know that in the North County building a strong self-sufficient community goes hand-in-hand with economic and ecological sustainability. Simply put, NP&L takes a proven concept -the power of buying local- and applies it to electricity.

Brothers Emmett and Ethan Smith grew up watching their father and uncle electrify an existing dam to form build Azure Mountain Power in the early 1990s.  They inherited a deep belief in the value of renewable electricity the knowledge that you truly can do anything you put your mind to.  Louise Gava met the Smith family in the early 2000s through her interest and work on sustainable agriculture and energy issues in the North County community.

From their different perspectives, each of NP&L’s founders came to realize the challenges faced in the current energy marketplace by independently owed renewable electricity generators, especially small hydro.  Local hydro owners have always dreamed of being able to sell direct and cut out the utility middleman. NP&L offers this opportunity, together we are the solution, thanks!

our pledge

Our transparency and sincerity are driven by our community focus and business model. Northern Power & Light strives to localize the value while using renewable electricity produced by generators appropriate to the regional ecology.


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