do you know who makes your electricity?


The North Country is dotted with small hydro plants, and owner/operators who work to power our homes and businesses

NP&L was created to connect North Country residents with local renewable electricity generators. This means sharing their stories as well the electricity. These are the generators we currently work with, we will be adding more to this list soon.


Azure mountain Power

750 kW, St Regis Falls, NY

A love for machinery, a connection to the land, and the belief that renewable energy is a valuable resource led Everett and Matt to build Azure Mountain Power in the early nineties.  As Owner-Operators, they have worked to produce power and maintain the facility, including building a new log crib dam in 2014.

AMP produces electricity with two vertical shaft Leffel turbines and 2400-volt AC generators. This machinery was originally built in 1917, and was rebuilt and installed at AMP in 1993.

This site on the St Regis River was first dammed in the 1880s by the Brooklyn Cooperage, which made sugar barrels from local timber. AMP operates as “run of river” site under DEC supervision, maintaining river flow around the dam to protect stream ecology, including a downstream trout fishery.

the owners

Everett is the primary operator of AMP, in addition to restoring and building traditional wooden boats at his shop The Everett Boat Works in Canton. Matt owns and operates another hydro facility, Riverat Glass & Electric in Wadhams, and loves boating on Lake Champlain in summer and telemark skiing in winter.